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PoseAI is a muscle-based pose authoring tool that helps in animation.

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Ultra-realistic Text To Voice AI solution can create voices from text, trim, combine and equalize audio files. 


E-Sports Bicycle Physics Asset built to work in new generation games. Develop High Fidelity Bicycling Games.


Simple Drift Physics is an asset which includes insane drifting physics with a drivable pack of cars and an environment!


Simple Motorcycle Physics Pro is based on physical gyroscopic forces acting on a motorcycle.

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Fantasy Text To Voice AI solution can create voices from voices and text, trim, combine, equalize and clone audio files. 

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Utility to convert text to images, rough sketches to textures, concept designs, depth, normal and smoothness maps.

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Create a GPU accelerated audience for your games at blazing fast speeds


Mobile Drift Physics is an asset which includes insane drifting physics with a drivable pack of cars all on mobile

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Shap-E-Text to 3D technology allows generation of 3D assetsusing OpenAI's Shap-E in Unity.

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AAA Motocross Physics Asset built to develop High Fidelity Motocross Games at par with some of the Triple A titles. 

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This tool is made to simplify the work of product designers, texture artists and game developers to paint decals on Objects in Unity


AAA Livery Editor for painting on vehicles. Create your own custom livery for any vehicle.

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Simple Spin Blur is a Visual Effect based on the Video/Optical Feedback Motion Blur Technique

This technique mitigates the artifacts caused by linear motion vectors on rotating objects. Works by interpolating samples between two quaternions with transparent meshes. The above link redirects to Unity Play.


Get the best 3D art style and mechanics for your game. The AiKodex store offers models as per the requirements of the developer.

Server Updates

You can find server updates for assets and more information about our server based products here by checking out our Unity forums profile.

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Game Templates

Templates to kickstart your game development

We provide a template for your game to lay foundation on so that you can fast track your process of game development. Stunning 3D models combined with powerful scripting and robust logic, kickstart your game development career with us. Be it games or realistic simulations for your research, we have your back as our scripts contain mathematical functions rather than empiricism. Not only do we provide the assets needed for your game, we also provide support through our email provided on the bottom section of the page.

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Programs you can build on

We also deliver code that goes behind a simulation. When a game is played not only do the 3D models bring in realism but also the behavior of the characters. In a simulation the weightage to the scripts behind it is a hundred percent as compared to the the graphical appeasement. The techniques and methods used for simulations are intuitive as well as based on the data collected from researches to provide you with scientifically valid code. We provide you with easy to understand and commented C# scripts so that you can build upon our product.

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Practical Solutions

Accurate computer simulations of any real-life physical phenomenon do not exist. Numerous variables need to be considered for producing precise simulations to mimic the interactions in real life. Even with this mathematical model in place, the simulation can only get closer to real-life but never coincide with reality. We believe that games engines combined with realistic 3D models are the key to getting visually plausible simulations.

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